Kamis, 11 Desember 2008

There's always something

Hi Me..
It's been a while, and you're not in a good shape right now..
But that's makes me want to share a little bit. Suddenly I think (again) 'bout how scary I am in some people's eyes..
Is there something wrong about me or what I've done?
I mean, I cannot change the past of course but at the same time I feel so much pressure with this little annoying thing.
I'm trying to be friendly and nice, but what do I got?
There's always somebody who talk behind my back and ruin the new image I'm gonna build.
To be honest, I don't wanna change to be someone I'm not...
I love myself, and I don't mind if somebody just tell me what did I've done wrong...
I assure you I'm gonna try my best not to do that again.
But there's always somebody think less of me even after all my endeavour.
I can't lie, I hate it.So much...
But what should I do to fix it? Nothing...
Somehow, I know there's nothing I can do about it.
There's always something...Always...
If only somebody could tell me what did I do wrong this time...Or What should I do to change how people see me..
I'm not a bad person...I'm not a bad guy...At least I'm trying to be the good one if you would believe me.
And please, trust me. Maybe I'm the last person(or at least not the first one) on earth who want to take an advantage from the others...
Maybe I'm not a good guy yet, but I'm on my way there. Though I'm not even a quarter there, but at least I'm moving to the right direction...
I'm sorry if I'm giving a bad impression to any of you.
I'm really sorry..

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uniquepebz mengatakan...

No matter what, stay walking to the right direction^-^

We can’t do everything but at least we can do something, right?

Make Him smile (=
Stay bLessed