Rabu, 22 Oktober 2008

life is (not) suck

Life is not suck,you just have to learn to love it...
I'm having a hard time during my life.
So now I'm trying to love it.Yet,it's not make it easier..But I'm really feel lighter.
Funny isn't it?How our heart can do such things,change a big perspective that have a great impact?
I got a picture in my room.In that picture there's a quote says, "look for the good..".
That qoute makes a question in my heart "do we really need to look toward the good itself ?"
"Doesn't God make the good in our life?So why do we have to look toward it?Why we can't just wait for it to happen?"
That's the point!
No matter how perfect our life, we always had something to complain & arguing about it.It's like there's always something went wrong in our life..
That's why we should gaze upon the good in our life, so that whatever happens we can always find how God made our life perfectly..