Jumat, 24 April 2009

wake up call

Everybody got a wake up call in their life...
Ini yang gue percaya akan terjadi lewat semua masalah yg blm lama ini terjadi.
Gue yakin dia akan dapetin wake up call dia sendiri. Gue cuma berharap dia sadar waktu itu terjadi..
It's getting deeper in my heart, that there's something that I feel 'bout this thing..
At some level I'm getting afraid, but sometimes it just to hard to resist. Maybe it's the test that coming on to me. I gotta stick with my commitment and start to control my feeling, and start looking normaly.
It's too long to wait, but it's too nice to forget it just right away. I'm trying so hard to make things right, and now I can't just let it go after things going better..
You know who you are, you may not understand what I'm saying or what you read right now. But you know it's you I'm talking about.

As far as I go right now, you respond it well. I just want to know what's in your heart, what is really inside there..?How do you feel and what do you think 'bout this...?
You wake up all night thinking that I'm mad at you, is that supposed to be something?
I'm happy and curious in both sides. I just try to do the right things, I'm trying to do the good things for you..
I'm watching you, and I see something different
I'm talking to you, and I hear something different
Do you feel it too?
Or am I just fooled by my own feeling?

Give me an answer..

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